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This is our small benchmark section which features the top 10 results submitted. Benchmark results of the following programs are currently featured:
  • Aquamark (at 1024x768, high detail)
  • Futuremark's 3DMark 2001 (default run)
  • Futuremark's 3DMark 2005 (default run)
  • GLXcess (at 1024x768x32, all tests, v1.2)
  • PowerVR's Fablemark (with -fullscreen -benchmark)
  • PowerVR's Templemark (with -fullscreen -benchmark)
  • PowerVR's Villagemark D3D (with -width=1024 -height=768 -bpp=32 -benchmark)
  • PowerVR's Villagemark OGL (with -width=1024 -height=768 -bpp=32 -benchmark)
How to submit results:
Please use the link above to send in your system information. Additionally please send a mail to us which includes the results of any of the benchmarks mentioned above as well as a screenshot for each result as proof.
For benchmark tools featuring an online database you may send the link to your results instead a screenshot if you prefer.

Can't see the results:
If you followed the link to the top 10 but cannot see any results please read on. There seems to be a problem with the widget or better the way we feed data to the widget in combination with the Opera browser. This was reported by Cheffy already. As soon as there is a fix for that problem we'll incorporate it. In case you're experiencing something similar but with a different browser please let us know.

Non PowerVR results:
Once there are enough results submitted to fill up the top 10, we will have one result per benchmark and per 3D graphics processing unit manufacturer (other than PowerVR) which will be the highest submitted. This score is used for comparison purpose.
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