New layout (ParaKnowYa)
Monday 13th of September 2004 04:16:09 PM

Whew, finally a new layout and hopefully a bit more time for us to add content again. The old pages will stay online for everyone to browse through but new things will happen here.

Please note that the images on display above might contain fake products and other fun content. If you have an idea for a nice additional image please do not hesitate to let us know.

Hope you enjoy the site!

Arrangement of news (ParaKnowYa)
Monday 13th of September 2004 05:18:55 PM

Every news item is placed below the previous, so the latest news will be at the bottom of the site. To avoid scrolling, you may use the news link above to jump straight to the end of the page. ^^

OpenGL ES 1.1 on PowerVR MBX (ParaKnowYa)
Monday 13th of September 2004 05:30:36 PM

The event is over already (Khronos OpenGL ES Developer Event) but the images from both PowerVR presentations are still fine. I think you saw them on fellow powervr sites already but i wanted to make sure you can find them here as well. :)

The press release for the presentations includes some more information and can be found here.

The lists (ParaKnowYa)
Monday 13th of September 2004 07:04:27 PM

I'm trying to get two lists together. One shows all PowerVR MBX devices available or announced, the other focuses on software which takes advantage of the PowerVR MBX hardware and is available for PowerVR MBX devices.

Both lists are currently kept in the forum. If you'd like to contribute (which is very appreciated) please click here for hardware and here for software. ^^

For these links to work properly you might need to have logged in into our forum already.

The old site (ParaKnowYa)
Monday 13th of September 2004 07:38:06 PM

You can find the old site and archives here. It will stay online for as long as we do not need the space or a server move kills it.

Please report any problems with the new site by mail. A mail link will be added soon (just noticed haha... ;) until then please use this. TIA

ShaderMark 2.1 (ParaKnowYa)
Monday 13th of September 2004 08:00:01 PM

Tommti Systems' ShaderMark has reached version 2.1. For more information and binaries please follow the link.

Changes include:
  • it's now free for all, no limited shareware version anymore
  • reduced cpu + driver overhead through redundant render state filtering
  • GPU performance optimized resource allocation
  • support for shader model 2_b and 3_0
  • nearly all shaders undergone changes and fixes
  • testing of >2_0 shaders
  • dynamic pixel shader flow control testing
  • floating point texture filtering performance testing
  • multiple render target performance testing
  • multiple shader test
  • mean square error (MSE) calculation in the image quality test - hardware rasterizer vs. Microsoft reference rasterizer

UT2004 patch (ParaKnowYa)
Monday 13th of September 2004 10:24:14 PM

The final version of the new Unreal Tournament 2004 patch version 3323 is now available here on The previously released beta patch is the same so there is no need to download the final for those who installed the beta already.

AMD low power embedded processor (ParaKnowYa)
Monday 13th of September 2004 10:36:37 PM

AMD today announced the AMD Geode™ NX1250@6W which will be widely available in october.

AMD Geode™ NX1250@6W specs:
  • 0,13-µm-Fertigungsprozess
  • 128/256 KByte L1/L2-Cache
  • 266-MHz-Front-Side-Bus
  • Fließkomma-Logik
  • AMD-PowerNow!TM-Technologie
  • Unter 6 W (typisch) bis maximal 9 W Gesamtsystemverlustleistung
  • Sockel-A-kompatibel
  • 3DNow!TM-, MMX- und SSE-Befehlsatz.
Have a look at the press release here.

Intel i2700G demonstration (ParaKnowYa)
Monday 13th of September 2004 10:50:36 PM

According to Intel presented a PDA featuring the i2700G chipset on IDF Fall 2004.

More information can be found in Hardwarezone's IDF coverage here.

Found this on the PVRGen forums here, thanks Ailuros! :)

Quake 4 scans (ParaKnowYa)
Monday 13th of September 2004 11:19:32 PM

Some Quake 4 scans can be found in the Beyond3D forums. Here's the accorfing thread.

WoW open beta accounts (ParaKnowYa)
Tuesday 14th of September 2004 12:04:49 AM

Blizzard and Nvidia are giving away 1000 open beta accounts for Blizzard's World of Warcraft. Visit Nvidia's website here for more information and the signup form.

Only for residents of Canada and the US. The signup is running for one week (September 13 - September 20). Good luck! ;)

XBox 2 graphics chip (ParaKnowYa)
Tuesday 14th of September 2004 10:01:25 AM

According to ATI are on shedule and have almost finished working on the XBox 2 graphics chip. Link

Nvidia driver (ParaKnowYa)
Tuesday 14th of September 2004 11:00:49 AM

Modded generic (for notebooks too) Nvidia Detonators v.66.31 are available from Two versions, one is WHQL certified the other is not. The certified one however seems to lack Digital Vibrance so you might prefer the non certified (which is the one I am using for my notebook). Get the files and the modded inf here.

Berserk game (ParaKnowYa)
Tuesday 14th of September 2004 11:40:48 AM

For those who know and like the manga and/ anime have a look at the Berserk game trailer here.

Thunderbird mail client (ParaKnowYa)
Tuesday 14th of September 2004 05:46:45 PM

The english version of Mozilla's mail client Thunderbird has reached version 0.8 and can be downloaded here.

New features include:
  • Global Inbox
  • Comprehensive Data Migration
  • RSS Integration
  • Improved Privacy Controls
  • Improved Quick Search
For more just head over to the official Thunderbird site by the link above.

Painkiller patch (ParaKnowYa)
Tuesday 14th of September 2004 07:04:33 PM

People Can Fly have released a patch for their FPS Painkiller. You can get patch v1.3.5 here from

Updated editor and tools are available as well. Enjoy! ^^

Logitech io2 (ParaKnowYa)
Tuesday 14th of September 2004 10:46:50 PM

Logitech's io2 digital writing system was unveiled yesterday with this press release.

The io2 is "the second generation of the company´s acclaimed pen-based digital writing offering that helps individuals quickly and easily transform handwritten notes and ideas into digital attachments, editable text and archived files. The new pen will also be available as part of custom writing solutions for vertical market applications in areas such as healthcare, legal and sales."

The Saga of Ryzom... (ParaKnowYa)
Wednesday 15th of September 2004 09:43:14 AM

... officially starts September 20th. According to the newsletter prices are as follows:

Boxed: $49.99
Monthly Fee: $14.95
3 Months: $40.49
6 Months: $76.29
1 Year: $143.49

A first 3DMark05 screenshot (ParaKnowYa)
Wednesday 15th of September 2004 12:59:39 PM

Futuremark have released a first screenshot from their upcoming 3DMark05 here. 3DMark05 is (according to Futuremark ;) "the next evolution in DirectX9 benchmarking!". The screenshot looks good, let's see how the whole product will look like and how much of a reliable tool for benchmarking it will be.

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS04-028 (ParaKnowYa)
Wednesday 15th of September 2004 01:04:16 PM

Microsoft have several patches ready for a problem which gives a "buffer overrun in JPEG processing (GDI+)" and "could allow code execution (833987)".

WinXP with SP2 seems save but several other Microsoft OSes and applications need the patch. They are listed here.

WCG 2004 (ParaKnowYa)
Wednesday 15th of September 2004 02:42:04 PM

According to professional gamers from certain countries face severe problems taking part in the World Cyber Games 2004 finals which take place in San Francisco, US (link). The problems concern the restrictive entry and residence regulations of the US for certain natinalities.
In case this inforation is true shouldn't every finalist refuse to take part in this years finals(?) because under such conditions, are these still the World Cyber Games?

ATI X700XT price reductions (ParaKnowYa)
Thursday 16th of September 2004 11:35:42 AM

According to the Inquirer, ATI will reduce the prices for their X700XT from $249 to $199 to stay competitive with Nvidia's Geforce 6600GT concerning the retail price. Good for the customers! :) Here's more.

New Detonators (ParaKnowYa)
Thursday 16th of September 2004 11:38:55 AM have a new Detonator with new modified inf ready. Version 66.32 seems to come from "... Gainward for an upcoming video card, WHQL only for 6600, 6600GT, 6610XL or a Quadro FX540". Here's the link.

3D Mark 2001 PowerVR hardware results (ParaKnowYa)
Thursday 16th of September 2004 11:46:26 AM

This is quite late but we'd still like to congratulate Axel from deferred Power for his 3DMark 2001 score of 5036 3D marks. This was scored by teaming up a Hercules 4500 @ 191 MHz and an Athlon64 3500+.

Kudos to Cheffy for mentioning the record in the forums. Cheffy's 3DMark thread can be found here.

Far Cry SDK 1.1 (ParaKnowYa)
Thursday 16th of September 2004 12:02:31 PM

Crytek have released version 1.1 of their Far Cry SDK. The whole package can be downloaded from here

Changes include:
  • fixed Maya5 Polybump plugin
  • fixed not working antialising in Maya5 Polybump plugin
  • included Maya6 Polybump plugin
  • updated Maya Polybump .pdf file
  • included Max6 Polybump plugin
  • included ScriptObjectSystem.pdf
  • included ScriptObjectGame.pdf
  • included Max6 CryExporter
  • included Maya6 CryExporter
  • AI description document
  • Updated physics document
"Happy modding!
The Far Cry Team"

More 3DMark screens (ParaKnowYa)
Thursday 16th of September 2004 12:48:14 PM

Here are some more screenshots from an early version of the upcoming 3DMark.

Futuremark's N. "worm" Renqvist comments those with: "Actually they aren't. They are from an early confidential build of 3DMark05, and do not represent the final art/cameras/content at all. Also, the results in those are simply not even close to the real thing. As said, it was an un-optimized early version, so please disregard any info from it. All shots with the D-CROSS logo on them are from that build." here.

pkyKlip active again (ParaKnowYa)
Thursday 16th of September 2004 03:20:06 PM

After the layout change our script had to be updated to deliver klip food again. This has now been done so everyone using Serence's Klipfolio software may click here to add our klip.

Klipfolio can be downloaded here.
"Serence KlipFolio is an information awareness and notification application for Windows that saves you time and effort by intelligently monitoring remote data sources--like weather, stocks, Hotmail, news, RSS feeds and even auctions--right on your desktop."

Fantasy Earth (ParaKnowYa)
Thursday 16th of September 2004 03:49:28 PM

Square Enix seem to prepare a new MMORPG title called Fantasy Earth: The Ring of Dominion.

Have a look here for the game's site, screenshots and movie. Things look nice. ;)

Volari Knightshift (ParaKnowYa)
Thursday 16th of September 2004 06:20:06 PM

After seeing the Volari V8 introduction event news on (here) I wonder how ZUXXEZ Entertainment got their graphics (here) on the graphics card boxes. :)

Knightshift's RPG part is really nice I think but unfortunately once you have all skills and a lot of good equipment it get's a bit boring. Besides that the graphics look a bit old nowadays.

Anyways, check out the article on for some interesting benchmark results.

Shade: Wrath of Angels demo (ParaKnowYa)
Thursday 16th of September 2004 08:14:13 PM

A playable demo of Black Element Software's Shade: Wrath of Angels is available over at (here).

Screenshots are available here.

KnightShift 1 maps (ParaKnowYa)
Thursday 16th of September 2004 09:40:11 PM

Nifran Tay has released a map pack for KnightShift 1, which can be downloaded here.

Included maps are:
  • 1. Valley of the lost (14 quests) - 2.5 hours play(based on two players)
  • 2. Battle Field (8 quests) - 4 hours play(based on two players)
  • 3. City of the dead (4 quests) - 2 hours play(based on two players)
  • 4. Spiral Isle (3 quests) - 1 hour play(based on two players).
  • 5. The Isles (4 quests) - 1 hour play(based on two players).
  • 6. Valley of the gates (13 quests) - 3 hours play(based on 2 players).
Enjoy! ^^

ATI Cat 4.9 for XT modded 9800SE (ParaKnowYa)
Thursday 16th of September 2004 10:02:53 PM forum user me972 has released a modded ATI Catalyst 4.9 driver pack for all those who have modded their Radeon 9800SEs to Radeon 9800XTs. Here's the link.

Mortyr II Demo (ParaKnowYa)
Friday 17th of September 2004 02:08:30 PM

Mirage Media have released a demo of Mortyr II which can be downloaded from A series of screenshots are available here.

Cell phone(s) for pets (ParaKnowYa)
Friday 17th of September 2004 02:14:01 PM

Pet's Mobility are offering cell phones for pets.

" PetsMobility™ has the first ever Cellular Telephone for pets and will provide a full range of wireless communication hardware and accessories for the pet industry."

Your pet will surely like it! ;)

Found on

Call of Duty: United Offensive demo (ParaKnowYa)
Friday 17th of September 2004 02:19:49 PM

An intro level demo of Gray Matter Studios' Call of Duty: United Offensive has been released and can be downloaded from You can view some screenshots before downloading the demo here too.

Dogtag (ParaKnowYa)
Friday 17th of September 2004 02:23:13 PM

Another nice gimmick for your pet could be this.

"Dog-e-Tag™ is a digital dog tag. It is 1 3/8 inches (36mm) around, weighs 3/4 of an ounce (21g) and is worn in a similar fashion to a common metal tag. With up to 40 lines of information, one can store large quantities of data, such as cell phone numbers, pager numbers, e-mail addresses, county license numbers, rabies vaccine numbers, veterinary and neighbor contacts,etc."

Found on

AMD64 Clock Utility v1.0 (ParaKnowYa)
Friday 17th of September 2004 02:42:27 PM

RightMArk have released a program to monitor CPU frequency and adjust the CPU multiplier (FID) as well as the voltage level (VID). You can find the binaries and more information here.

Found on

Oakley Thump (ParaKnowYa)
Friday 17th of September 2004 08:11:37 PM

Oakley known for stylish eyewear announced their Thump sun glasses. Thump is the "... world's first digital music eyewear". Here's more information about it.

Found on

BMX Simulator (ParaKnowYa)
Friday 17th of September 2004 08:17:29 PM

Codemasters have released their C64 classic BMX Simulator due to their 18. birthday. The BMX Simulator comes in original retro quality, it's an emulated version. Here's more information (german language).

Found on

nForce drivers (ParaKnowYa)
Friday 17th of September 2004 08:26:40 PM

Nvidia have released new Nforce drivers (v5.10). They are WHQL certified but at the moment Win2k/XP only.

Release notes (in short):
  • WHQL certified kit
  • Unified drivers with support for nForce, nForce2, and nForce3 products, including support for dual-processor systems.
  • General compatibility fixes
  • Audio Driver Improvements
  • Storage Driver Improvements
Here's the link.

Radeon X700XT spec changes (ParaKnowYa)
Saturday 18th of September 2004 10:06:18 AM

The Inquirer reports: "475MHz/1050 MHz o'clock is the time"

So it seems that the freq specs have changed shortly before hitting the markt. Here's more.

ATI HyperMemory (ParaKnowYa)
Saturday 18th of September 2004 10:10:57 AM

From the Inquirer as well comes news about ATI's HyperMemory technology which uses PCI-X for it's benifits allowing reduced on graphics board memory as storing in system RAM is less of a bottleneck with PCI-X. Again, here's more.

WinXP SP2 loopback fix (ParaKnowYa)
Sunday 19th of September 2004 08:31:50 AM

Microsoft deliver a fix for the following problem:
"This update helps resolve an issue on computers running Windows XP Service Pack 2. Programs that connect to IP addresses in the loopback address range may not work as expected and you may receive an error message indicating you cannot establish a connection. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer."
Here's the link.

New Volari V3 drivers (ParaKnowYa)
Sunday 19th of September 2004 08:36:42 AM

VolariGamers report that new Volari V3 drivers have been released for Win9x/Me (here)and Win2k/XP (here).

World of Warcraft CE (ParaKnowYa)
Sunday 19th of September 2004 08:41:34 AM

The collectors edition will include:
  • The full game on both CD-ROM and DVD-ROM
  • 1-month subscription to World of Warcraft
  • The Art of World of Warcraft, 200+ page hardcover art book
  • World of Warcraft Behind-the-Scenes DVD
  • Exclusive in-game pet
  • Official soundtrack
  • Cloth map charting the continents of Kalimdor, Azeroth, Khaz Modan, and Lordaeron
  • Signed Collector’s Edition game manual
  • 10-Day Free Guest Pass – invite one of your friends to join the epic quest
Good stuff... especially the ingame-pet, aha! ^^ Here's the missing link.

WoW emergency (ParaKnowYa)
Sunday 19th of September 2004 08:44:48 AM

"At 6:19pm EDT yesterday, the datacenter complex in Virginia that is being used to host the World of Warcraft beta test was hit and damaged by a tornado. Because water was leaking into the building in which our servers were located, we shut down the servers as a precautionary measure and flew out a team of our network engineers to the location to survey the area and provide a preliminary assessment.

This morning, we have confirmed that some hardware has taken on water, so we will need to conduct a careful inspection for damage before we can restore power to the servers. This inspection will take 48 hours or longer to complete, so we encourage you to enjoy the rest of your weekend with other activities, as the World of Warcraft beta test will remain offline for at least that long. We will post another update tomorrow afternoon, and we appreciate your continued patience and support."

Here's the link.

18 Wheels of Steel 1.03 patch (ParaKnowYa)
Sunday 19th of September 2004 08:48:27 AM

18 Wheels of Steel: Pedal to the Metal was patched to version 1.03 by ValuSoft. You can get the binaries from here.

Athlon FX-55 in october (ParaKnowYa)
Sunday 19th of September 2004 09:05:50 AM

The Inquirer reports that AMD's Athlon 64 4000+, FX-55 is going to to arrive in october but probabely at 130 nanos. Here's the link.

90 nanometre Athlon 64s (ParaKnowYa)
Sunday 19th of September 2004 09:08:48 AM

Despite the news above it seems that AMD is shipping 90 nanometre Athlon 64s though. The Inquirer has more information here.

Doom 3 demo (ParaKnowYa)
Sunday 19th of September 2004 06:37:38 PM

Just saw on 3DGamers that id have released a 461MB Doom 3 demo featuring 3 levels. You can get the demo as well as some more information about the demo here.

Search with A9 (ParaKnowYa)
Sunday 19th of September 2004 06:59:57 PM

Amazon's A9 search service is now officially available. Results are gathered from,, GuruNet and IMDB. Added to that there are some other features which help keeping your findings and making discovering the net a lot more comfortable.

Try it now! Here!

"The web is easy to use, but using it well is not easy. We are inventing new ways to take search one step farther and make it more effective. We provide a unique set of powerful features to find information, organize it, and remember it—all in one place. is a powerful search engine, using web search and image search results enhanced by Google, Search Inside the Book™ results from, reference results from GuruNet, movies results from IMDb, and more. remembers your information. You can keep your own notes about any web page and search them; it is a new way to store and organize your bookmarks; it even recommends new sites and favorite old sites specifically for you to visit. With the A9 Toolbar all your web browsing history will be stored, allowing you (and only you!) to retrieve it at any time and even search it; it will tell you if you have any new search results, or the last time you visited a page."

MBX videos (ParaKnowYa)
Monday 20th of September 2004 02:26:01 PM

Deferred Power have received 2 videos showing the graphics quality of the PowerVR MBX hardware.

[X] Virgin demo (5MB)
[X] Quake 3 (25MB)

Here's more infromation (german language)

AMD drives mobile performance (ParaKnowYa)
Monday 20th of September 2004 09:27:13 PM

AMD have announced their new Mobile AMD Athlon 64 processor 3000+.

"The Mobile AMD Athlon 64 processor 3000+ for thin and light notebooks is the first new processor model manufactured with AMD’s 90 nanometer production process, which enables higher performance without increased power consumption. ..."

Here's the full press release.

Bioware UE3.0 interview (ParaKnowYa)
Monday 20th of September 2004 09:35:41 PM

HomeLAN Fed have interviewed Bioware's Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk about the recent idea to license Epic's Unreal Engine 3.0.

"HomeLAN - Will BioWare be altering the technology for the uses in its upcoming game?

Ray Muzyka - Yes – as I mentioned above we’re building a RPG layer on top of the Unreal Engine 3 which will allow us to tell the type of stories and show character interaction in the way that BioWare’s 2 million+ member strong community has come to expect. The Unreal Engine 3 tech is impressive and ideally suited to the kind of game that we’re applying it to in this specific instance, and we’re using that strong framework to build an RPG layer."

Here's the complete interview.

Greater storage on smaller space (ParaKnowYa)
Monday 20th of September 2004 09:51:54 PM

Samsung the "... world's leading semiconductor maker said it had developed the industry's first 60-nanometer 8-gigabit NAND Flash memory chip used for data storage. ...

The company said the mass production of the 8Gb NAND chips will begin late next year, following the first-quarter 2005 launch of the 4Gb NAND flash memory device."

Good for mp3 players and cell phones as well as PDAs. More memory = funkier applications! Here's more.

Finally NVIDIA® GoForce™ 3D 4500 (ParaKnowYa)
Tuesday 21st of September 2004 09:55:20 PM

Well finally because others announced their handheld/ cell phone hardware already. However, this is dedicated to the GoForce 3D 4500. Nvidia have released a lot of information about their new wireless media processor. Here's the GoForce 3D main site. Here's the link to the product family overview PDF file. Here's the link to the GoForce 3D 4500 overview PDF. Here's the GoForce demo page link and finally the tech specs link, here.

Boat shot (ParaKnowYa)
Tuesday 21st of September 2004 10:02:15 PM

There is a new 3DMark 2005 screenshot is online over at Futuremark's news site and forum. Here's the link.

Worm says: "... something that should spice up your day ..." I can only say yes it did to that! ;)

WoW back with patch (ParaKnowYa)
Tuesday 21st of September 2004 10:09:02 PM

World of Warcraft NA closed beta came back online today (some time ago, we're late :) with a huge patch which includes raider groups, new high lvl areas, etc. Click here for more patch information.

ATI X700 officially introduced (ParaKnowYa)
Tuesday 21st of September 2004 10:14:03 PM

ATI have officially introduced their X700.

"ATI’s RADEON® X700 brings a richer visual experience to all your favorite PC activities – 3D gaming, watching movies and streaming video, Internet browsing, viewing and processing digital photos, or home office applications such as preparing multimedia presentations and spreadsheets. Whether upgrading or buying a new PC, the RADEON® X700 will easily handle today’s visual entertainment and workload with plenty of power in reserve for tomorrow’s possibilities."

Here's the X700 site.

Catalyst AI check (ParaKnowYa)
Tuesday 21st of September 2004 10:18:02 PM

Beyond3D have an interesting article up checking ATI's Catalyst AI feature. Here's the link.

WoW beta back again (ParaKnowYa)
Thursday 23rd of September 2004 04:59:35 PM

After the good news yesterday there seem to have been new problems but according to the official site the beta is back up and running now. Blizzard have a picture here showing some of the damage to the data center.

Twisted news (ParaKnowYa)
Thursday 23rd of September 2004 06:12:30 PM

Do you prefer the new way news is published on the site meaning oldest posts at the top latest news at the bottom or do you like recent news first better? Please let us know in the forums here. TIA! ^^

Dungeon Lords beta sign up (ParaKnowYa)
Thursday 23rd of September 2004 08:39:18 PM

Dreamcatcher have opened the beta sign up for Dungeon Lords. If you would like to be a beta tester for this "... new breed of epic Fantasy RPG, a unique combination of RPG and Fighter game action in full 3D, featuring a deep storyline shrouded in mystery, surprise, and betrayal ..." head over.

Ogg Vorbis 1.1 released (ParaKnowYa)
Thursday 23rd of September 2004 08:46:15 PM report the release of Ogg Vorbis v1.1.0.

"Ogg Vorbis is a high-quality lossy audio codec which is free of intellectual property restrictions (like those surrounding MP3)."

Here's more information.

Pipelining (ParaKnowYa)
Thursday 23rd of September 2004 08:56:57 PM

Part 1 of a quite interesting article on (CPU) pipelining has been released on Arc Technica 3 days ago. Pipelining: An Overview is online here.

PS 3 with BD-Roms (ParaKnowYa)
Friday 24th of September 2004 08:42:14 AM

According to Sony's Playstation 3 will eat games from Blu-ray Discs however it seems like they are working on a multiformat drive which can read DVD and CD-R too.

Here's more (german language).

Razer Diamonback checks at 1600dpi (ParaKnowYa)
Friday 24th of September 2004 08:50:48 AM

Razer, famouse for their gaming mice have a new product available, the Diamondback.
Here are some of the tech specs, for more visit Razer here.
  • Optical engine powered by kärna precision
  • 1600 dpi, twice that of conventional high performance sensors
  • High speed motion detection, up to 40ips and 15g
  • Frame rate over 6400 frames per second (5.8 megapixels per second)
  • 16 bit data path, as compared to 8 bit and 12 bit data paths used by other conventional mice
  • Always On Mode – the optical sensor never powers down - provides instantaneous response at all times during gameplay
  • Buttons – 7 physical buttons optimized for gaming response and independently programmable
  • Ultra large non-slip mouse buttons, tactile response design
  • Non-slip side rails and new ergonomic ambidextrous design
  • Zero acoustic Teflon feet for smooth motion over any surface
  • Gold plated USB connector for maximum conductivity
Found on

Nvidia ATI document (ParaKnowYa)
Friday 24th of September 2004 08:16:20 PM have got their hands on a leaked Nvidia presentation in which Nvidia is mainly comparing 6600GT to X700. Here's more.

Roomba Discovery (ParaKnowYa)
Friday 24th of September 2004 08:25:34 PM

We need this PowerVR powered!

Nah, just kidding. Roomba is a vacuum cleaner robot. The review on (here) will tell you more.

PSP battery time (ParaKnowYa)
Friday 24th of September 2004 08:44:07 PM report that Popular Science have a little article in their october issue revealing the battery life of the PSP. We wonder. Here's the link.

True 30-bit picture output (ParaKnowYa)
Friday 24th of September 2004 08:55:18 PM

1 billion colors without special hardware. Tom's HWG's top story tells you how this can be done. ^^ Just click here.

PSP pictures (ParaKnowYa)
Friday 24th of September 2004 08:59:17 PM

Here's an article on the Sony PSP event from the Tokyo Games Show. AV Watch were there and took a lot of pictures. Enjoy! ^^

$100,000 in prizes (ParaKnowYa)
Friday 24th of September 2004 09:11:14 PM

Khronos have started their so called OpenGL ES 1.1 Coding Challenge with the goal to push their OpenGL ES 1.1 API and gather a wide variety of sample applications which will function as source for developers.

"Khronos is pleased to announce the launch of the OpenGL ES 1.1 Coding Challenge. The contest will run in conjunction with the Khronos Developer University events beginning in Helsinki on Sept 17, 2004. The purpose of the contest is to create a library of sample code and applications for hardware accelerated OpenGL ES games, demos and screensavers that make people stop and stare with their mouths wide open, asking "That's running on a cell phone!?""

Here's the link.

Catch the Flex Express Via (ParaKnowYa)
Friday 24th of September 2004 09:18:05 PM

Via Technologies have officially presented the K8T890 which is "Bringing PCI Express to the AMD64 Platform".

Catch Flex Express?
"The unique VIA Flex Express Architecture has been designed to allow the industry’s most flexible implementations of core-logic chipsets supporting PCI Express. The VIA Flex Express architecture allows multiple device configurations, supporting up to five PCI Express devices across 20 PCI Express lanes with an amazing combined bandwidth of 5GB/s."

There's more on the product pages here.

UT 2004 bonus pack (ParaKnowYa)
Friday 24th of September 2004 09:29:49 PM report the release of the Unreal Tournament 2004 Editor's Choice Edition bonus pack which comes with "... six new characters, three new vehicles (the Paladin, the Cicada, and the SPMA), and four unique new Onslaught maps".

The pack requires the latest patch v3323 and can be obtained here. Besides that there is a new demo for Windows systems and a Linux demo.

Doom 3 case mod (ParaKnowYa)
Friday 24th of September 2004 09:37:16 PM

Not sure, it looks quite nice and also like a lot of "fine finger"-work. Just head over and have a look at it. Here's the link.

"There will no doubt be a flurry of Doom3 themes this year and next, so I thought I'd add my project to the mix. Project Mars City will be fun to build with lots of kitbashing for that military/industrial Doom3 look. Expect lots of armor, mesh, lighted machinery, pressure doors, plumbing, and maybe a few sculpted animatronic beasties. ..."

C&C Generals/ Zero Hour maps (ParaKnowYa)
Friday 24th of September 2004 09:48:44 PM

Several very interesting C&C Genrals maps have been submitted to the CnC HQ map contest. The ones ranking high can be obtained here. Isle of the Dragon looks yummy! ^^;

Found on

Virus protection for Nokia phones (ParaKnowYa)
Sunday 26th of September 2004 11:08:56 AM

"Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia will offer mobile antivirus software through F-Secure as one of the features in its new Nokia 6670 smart phone when it is released in October, the companies announced this week."

Found on, here.

Reactions to the leaked presentation (ParaKnowYa)
Sunday 26th of September 2004 11:19:03 AM

After the presentation was put online on, ATI and PCI-SIG have responded to it's content.

"ATI Technologies Friday issued a statement denying any problems with PCI Express compatibility and certifications, as the main rival NVIDIA had presumably rolled-out a document that condemns the recently announced ATI RADEON X700 technology. ..."
More on X-Bit Labs, here.

"It has come to our attention that a document has been distributed anonymously which purports to compare the link quality of several PCI Express™ devices. This document was prepared without the knowledge or approval of the PCI-SIG® , and the PCI-SIG does not vouch for the accuracy of the test results, test methodologies or any other information contained in that document."
Found on, here. PCI-SIG news can be found here.

The 6GHz barrier has been broken (ParaKnowYa)
Monday 27th of September 2004 10:05:39 PM

Slashdot report the first 6GHz clocked CPU. Here's more.

Here's the direct link to XtremeSystems forum thread

Gigabeat F10 (ParaKnowYa)
Monday 27th of September 2004 10:11:26 PM

Akihabara report the release of the Gigabeat F10. Here's their short post. Here's the official Gigabeat site.

Another nice alternative to the hyped iproducts.

new Catalyst driver (ParaKnowYa)
Tuesday 28th of September 2004 03:54:56 PM

Some call them 4.11 others 8.07, they're ATI's newest beta drivers. Guru3D host them for you here.

One of the most important reasons for this release is that the"... 8.07 beta driver fixes a random hang issue with Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic when loading / switching levels." Enjoy! ^^

66.70 Detonators (ParaKnowYa)
Tuesday 28th of September 2004 03:59:12 PM

Added to the Catalyst drivers Guru3D also not the release of a new Detonator. 66.70 can be obteined here.

Those of you with a mobile Nvidia graphics unit might want to head over to for a modified INF.

3DMark 2005 arrived (ParaKnowYa)
Thursday 30th of September 2004 09:00:02 AM

Futuremark have released 3DMark 2005 build 100. Here's their mirrors link.

Doom 3 patch v1.1 (ParaKnowYa)
Thursday 30th of September 2004 09:04:00 AM

ID Software have released patch v1.1 for Doom 3 recently. Here's the list of mirrors.

Dell Axim X50 prices (ParaKnowYa)
Thursday 30th of September 2004 08:59:04 PM

According to a post in the Forum the following dates and prices mark the official release date and prices of Dell's Axim X50 models:

"416 x50 $299
520 x50 $399
624 x50v $499

They all feature CF and SDIO card slots.

Launch Date: October 10
Order Date: Octover 12"

Here's the link.
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