Alienware ALX (ParaKnowYa)
Sunday 31st of October 2004 09:33:22 PM

Alienware are now taking orders for their ALX Systems. Their first systems with Nvidia SLI. Here's more, customize and order your system here. ;)

The State of 3D (ParaKnowYa)
Sunday 31st of October 2004 09:25:53 PM

Here's's The State of 3D summary article for October 2004. It's ATI and Nvidia all over the place. ;)

Found on PVR-Net

PSP Japanese release date... (ParaKnowYa)
Thursday 28th of October 2004 06:55:14 PM

... is the December 12th according to several sites as well as Akihabara News. Here's (you've got to scroll down a bit) more information and some nice pictures of the device and it's box. While scrolling through their news, take a look at the DragonQuest Slime controller for the PS2, how cute is that?! ;)

Skype v1.0.0.97 (ParaKnowYa)
Thursday 28th of October 2004 06:40:58 PM

A new version of Skype has been released just two days ago. If like us you missed this released you can find the binaries right here.

Guild Wars World Preview (ParaKnowYa)
Thursday 28th of October 2004 06:31:14 PM

Make sure you've equipped yourself with the Guild Wars client because this weekend they have the big World Preview event:

"The free World Preview Event, which begins Friday evening, Oct. 29 and ends Sunday evening, Oct. 31, will allow players to explore two new game regions, play in an expanded international tournament and engage in combat on new competitive battlefields. For the first time game players will be able to create new guilds and experience guild warfare in the vibrant online environments of Guild Wars. To participate in the World Preview Event players can simply visit and download the free game client, which is approximately 90KB."

Here's the link to the Guild Wars site.

Deferred Power is back (ParaKnowYa)
Wednesday 27th of October 2004 01:03:28 AM

Well, the forums were still online but now their main site is back too. Welcome back guys! ^^

Nero Reloaded (ParaKnowYa)
Tuesday 26th of October 2004 02:32:55 PM

Ahead's Nero has reached v6.6 aka Nero Reloaded Version. If you don't know Nero, here's a try before you buy version (demoversion).

MobiNote’s DVX-POD 7010 (ParaKnowYa)
Tuesday 26th of October 2004 11:24:22 AM

Aside the news below were lucky to get the chance of playing around with MobiNote’s DVX-POD 7010. Here's theis hands-on with this personal video player.

"Besides being bigger than what you’ll find on practically every other personal video player, the DVX-POD’s large 6.5-inch widescreen LCD screen is crisp and has a resolution of 720 x 480."

Glucoboy (ParaKnowYa)
Tuesday 26th of October 2004 11:19:17 AM have some information on a device which is used in combination with Nintendo's Gameboy to test the blood' sugar level. Glucoboy information can be found here ( and here (

"Our flagship product, GLUCOBOY is a children's blood glucose meter that can be directly inserted into a Nintendo GAMEBOY. It that combines interactivity, motivation, and information delivery into every blood glucose test."

FarCry with HDR (ParaKnowYa)
Tuesday 26th of October 2004 10:47:09 AM also report the release of the long awaited FarCry patch v1.3. The interesting bit besides several fixes and improvements is the following: (from

"High Dynamic Range (HDR) is available in this patch, but it is an unsupported beta feature. In-game graphics need to be Very High and antialiasing must be disabled in order to use HDR. The various modes of HDR (1 through 11) can be set via the command line using the r_hdrrendering variable, i.e. "C:...FarCry.exe" -DEVMODE "r_hdrrendering 1"."'s post with further information can be found here. Even more information can be found here in's forums and here on Beyond3D (they both have some nice screenshots too! :).

On's forums I additionally found:
"For those who don't know, there's apparently 11 different HDR effetcs...change "r_hdrrendering 1" to "r_hdrrendering 2"(,3,4 and so on to 11) Apparently ubi says "r_hdrrendering 7" looks the best. If anyone can take pics of the different types it would be appreciated."
posted by ultimate17.

New Forceware drivers (ParaKnowYa)
Tuesday 26th of October 2004 10:35:05 AM

Some new Forceware beta drivers have surfaced on the net. Those are v70.41. Download links are available over at, here.

For all those who would like to try the driver with notebook Nvidia hardware, here's the modded inf page from

UT2004 community map pack (ParaKnowYa)
Sunday 24th of October 2004 12:14:31 AM

Beyond Unreal report the (re-)release of the community map pack of Unreal Tournament 2003 for Unreal Tournament 2004.

"All of the maps have been converted in one way or another, from very subtle changes to new layouts and designs, along with various bug fixes. Along with this release we have added one bonus map."

Grab the map pack here.

Toshiba Bone Blaster (ParaKnowYa)
Saturday 23rd of October 2004 11:29:49 PM

Well, almost, it is called RLX-P1. Toshiba's RLX-P1 is a nice gadget ready to wake you up in the morning. The device pleasures your senses with music by bone conduction. There is more information about it here (Uber Gizmo) and here (Akihabara).

Casio G-Shock Collection (ParaKnowYa)
Saturday 23rd of October 2004 12:28:33 PM

If you're already looking for a nice present for Christmas, why not jet over to Japan and get a box of the Casio G-Shock Lovers Collection? Here's the direct link to's LC site.

The LOV-04C-7JR looks nice to me! =)

M$ Win(XP) Partner Pack (ParaKnowYa)
Friday 22nd of October 2004 05:42:07 PM

Microsoft have released the first Partner Pack for Windows. It features...

...something to play with:
Super Slyder™ & Serpentine™

...something to share:
PhotoSite™ & Microsoft Time Zone

...something for protection:
Computer Associates eTrust™

...something to explore (your system and the web):
Google Deskbar™, Desktop Media Gallery™ & Onfolio Express as well as...

...something to enhance your efficiency:
Post-it® Software Notes, PayPal Payment Wizard & Microsoft USB Flash Drive Manager.

Here's the link.

Quality problems (ParaKnowYa)
Friday 22nd of October 2004 12:00:04 AM report that in contrast to information on other news sites ATI and Nvidia's problem of not being able to deliver enough high-end graphics cards is not related to problems getting GDDR3 memory but instead in producing quality chips which are qualified for the demands of high-end chips. For them the fact that Pro and GT cards can be delivered supports this thesis.

20.1" OLED screen (ParaKnowYa)
Thursday 21st of October 2004 10:38:36 PM

LG and Philips have developed "... the world's biggest active-matrix (AM) organic light emitting diode (OLED) display panel ..." which according to things ZDNet have heared "... contains three million pixels ...".

Here's more.

iDuck (ParaKnowYa)
Wednesday 20th of October 2004 01:57:45 AM

Maybe it'll be the next PowerVR duck, would be nice I've got to admit. Dynamism have some information on glowing duck USB sticks. Just the right thing for everyone who likes ducks.

"For those light-at-heart and animal lovers out there, Solid Alliance (Japan) has released a new i-Duck USB Memory Storage device. The i-Duck uses a USB 1.1 interface and has a maximum storage capacity of 256MB. When plugged into your computer’s USB port, the i-Duck will light up. Six different colors are available: pink, yellow, blue. Tangerine, Army, and Heart. A Six color set is also available."

Here's more.

New tech demos (ParaKnowYa)
Tuesday 19th of October 2004 10:17:49 PM

Added to the news below we've got 3 screenshots for your viewing pleasure. Those are MBX tech demos which will be shown @ the ARM Developer Conference in Santa Clara, CA, October 19 - 21 2004.

"The ChameleonMan demo shows a Matrix Skinned Character in combination with DOT3 Per Pixel Lighting. Matrix Skinning is the act of animating a vertex over time given a set (Palette) of matrices and a known set of blend weights assigned to those matrices."

"The PhantomMask Demo uses Spherical Harmonic Lighting, a real-time rendering technique that uses a pre-process step - the projection of the lights, of the model and of the transfer function onto the spherical harmonic basis - to realistically render scenes using any type of light source. It is primarily used to reproduce diffuse lighting."

"The Mouse demo shows a dancing mouse with a hard black outline and banded shading to achieve the desired cartoon-look. Both effects are setup using an optimised vertex shader program."

PowerVR at ARM DevCon 2004 (ParaKnowYa)
Tuesday 19th of October 2004 04:23:23 PM

Just in from David Harold:

PowerVR Shows The Way at ARM DevCon 2004

October 19th 2004: London, UK:
Imagination Technologies - a leader in system-on-chip intellectual property - is demonstrating advanced hardware graphics support for ARM based embedded systems with its PowerVR MBX graphics core at the ARM Developer Conference in Santa Clara, CA, October 19 - 21 2004.

The event at the Santa Clara Convention Center will feature a presentation by PowerVR's Nicolas Thibieroz on Wednesday 20th October titled 'Advanced OpenGL ES Effects With the PowerVR MBX VGP.' ..."

You can read the full press release here.

3GHz Athlon FX-53 (ParaKnowYa)
Tuesday 19th of October 2004 02:10:28 PM

MadShrimps have overclocked an Athlon FX-53 to 3GHz by relying on the cooling power of an Asetek Vapochill unit. Their benchmarks are nice but they show what Calantak says in the conclusion: "My overall thought? The high-end GPU-market is NOT ready for a 3Ghz Athlon FX. Maybe we should just start overclocking our GPU with another Vapochill LS and make the efforts worthwhile, but that's for next time :-)"

Here's the link.

Q&A section and Axim X50 Q&A (ParaKnowYa)
Monday 18th of October 2004 10:04:45 PM

To spice up the newly added Q&A section we've got a short Q&A with Michael Rufer (Public Relations Manager Dell Germany) for you. The Qs focus on the Axim X50 series and it's release in germany but also covers topics interesting to non german readers. Have a look! :)

NEC SA-TFT (ParaKnowYa)
Monday 18th of October 2004 02:25:14 PM

Akihabara News have found some information on NEC's new SA-TFT display. It's a 21.3" QXGA TFT 10Bit display which means a max resolution of 2048×1536 and a lot of colors. Here's the post on Akihabara News and here's the NEC site with more details (Japanese language).

Game profiles again (ParaKnowYa)
Monday 18th of October 2004 01:21:27 AM

While we're at it, I'm not sure concerning the desktop graphics cards but the current 66.81 Forceware drivers tend to flicker in certain D3D applications here on my GeForce FX 5600 Go.

I fixed Warcraft III (for example) by adding the following to Nvidia's game profiles file - nvapps.xml - which can be found in the windows/system32 folder:

Warcraft 3 settings

Further 22.0033 driver information (ParaKnowYa)
Monday 18th of October 2004 01:07:42 AM

DeviantChild from PVRGen has posted some information on changed game profile strings in the v22.0033 drivers.

"The "UnsupportedColourOp" registry string has been removed, and replaced by "UnsupportedTexOps". Different values are used for this string, in place of the old values previously used with the obsolete string."

For more head over to PowerVR Generations here.

Maybe due to those changes but also because there were some troubles with the batch file and Win98 Dee has released his game profiles update as an executable file which reads the profile settings from a text file. You can grab both files here (updater) and here (profiles).
Updates will be released as txt files so you should keep the updater once downloaded. ;)

Test of 101 graphics card from 99-04 (ParaKnowYa)
Sunday 17th of October 2004 11:03:11 PM have an article up which deals with benchmarking 101 graphics cards which were released in the years 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004. Here's the link.

PowerVR cards are included too. :) A funny thing however is that i.e. Painkiller shows no score for any PowerVR board though Painkiller should work on the card (we saw it), and (or maybe because) they're using the v21.0007 driver (and did not bother with game profiles).

Mini portable with Shinux Linux onboard (ParaKnowYa)
Saturday 16th of October 2004 01:37:46 AM report the availability of Shinco's Medaillon Lecteur MP3 Z2. A tiny, medallion shaped portable music player which comes with Shinux Linux, a complete Linux solution for all those systems which support booting from USB devices. Here's more.

Catalyst v4.10 officially available (ParaKnowYa)
Friday 15th of October 2004 10:37:08 AM

ATI have just recently released their Catalyst Software v4.10. You can get it from their drivers site, here.

New features:
  • Enhanced Rotation Support for Extended Desktop View
  • 720p and 1080i HDTV Mode Support
Here's the link to the release notes.

Some Nvidia SLI scores (ParaKnowYa)
Thursday 14th of October 2004 11:58:37 AM

[H]ardOCP have released some benchmark scores of the latest SLI capable Nvidia accelerators. Here they are.

Found on

Axim X50v/ Intel 2700G benchmarks (ParaKnowYa)
Thursday 14th of October 2004 02:30:55 AM

Just found a nice document from Intel which explains some of the less spectacular results the Axim X50v/ Intel 2700G scores in certain (benchmark) applications (as seen in some of the (p)reviews and forum discussions). Here's the link.

The following snippet is from the Intel PDF:
"The arrival of Intel® 2700G multimedia acceleration and advanced graphics APIs (such as GDI, OpenGL ES and Direct3D Mobile) represent a significant step forward in the graphics capabilities of handheld devices. Platforms based upon Intel 2700G have the benefits of advanced video, graphics and display capabilities. Advanced graphics APIs provide software with an effective way to make use of these advanced graphics capabilities.

When combined with the increase to VGA resolutions in handheld devices – these significant improvements have created a paradigm shift. As a result, it becomes difficult to compare the advanced capabilities of VGA platforms based on Intel 2700G running advanced API software to older QVGA-based un-accelerated platforms running legacy software rendered graphics. This is especially apparent when running older benchmarks on platforms with these new capabilities."

That's what you get for benchmarking with outdated software! :)

Spb PocketPC survey (ParaKnowYa)
Thursday 14th of October 2004 01:12:10 AM

The Pocket PC Developer Network report that: "Spb Software House announces the results of the first Spb Pocket PC Survey, a global survey for Pocket PC users. More than 10,000 users took part in the survey."

An interesting part is the following one:
"The question "What do you use your Pocket PC for?" gives following results:
- Organizer [85%]
- Games [64%]
- Listening to music [60%]
- Browsing the Internet [57%]
- Reading e-books [53%]"

Aha, so games really seem popular on PocketPCs... now I wonder how come so many people asked* what the Intel 2700G was used for in Dell's Axim X50v?

*while surfing various PocketPC Forums I discovered a lot of such questions.

Aspyr Enigmo for Intel 2700G (ParaKnowYa)
Thursday 14th of October 2004 12:27:53 AM

From the Axim X50 series post we know that Aspyr's Enigmo is bundled in the Dell Axim X50v gamepack. Now we deliver the Enigmo press release from Aspyr (which was found by DeviantChild/ PVR Gen). Here's the link.

Here's the link to Aspyr's Enigmo site with additional screenshots and custom made levels you can download. Enjoy! ;)

Screenshots are not enough? Ok, here's a gameplay movie.

Windows security updates for October 2004 (ParaKnowYa)
Wednesday 13th of October 2004 01:32:57 AM

Some new updates from Microsoft to ensure a little more security have been released today. Here's the link or take advantage of Windows Update.

Podcasting without a Pod (ParaKnowYa)
Tuesday 12th of October 2004 08:24:26 PM have written up a nice "HOW-TO: Getting Podcasts on a Portable Media Center (and other Windows Media Devices)".

Here's the link to the article.

Dell Axim X50 series... (ParaKnowYa)
Tuesday 12th of October 2004 06:15:15 PM

... now shows up on Here's the link.

Axim X50v comes with: "Intel® 2700G multimedia accelerator with 16MB video memory"

The free gamepack features:
- Head to Head to Action with StuntCar Extreme
- 3D Puzzles with Enigmo

Some reviews can already be found here:

StuntCar Extreme           Enigmo
Screenshots taken from &

WCG 2004 final results (ParaKnowYa)
Monday 11th of October 2004 09:46:37 PM

The World Cyber Games Finals have ended and the results are online. Surf over to the WCG 2004 results page here.

GeForce 6200 (ParaKnowYa)
Monday 11th of October 2004 09:42:44 PM

Nvidia have revealed their mainstream GeForce Series 6 card.

"NVIDIA introduces the GeForce™ 6200 GPUs, featuring a revolutionary design that delivers best-in-class performance on today’s hottest games and applications. The only GPU in its class to support Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0 Shader Model 3.0, the GeForce 6200 powers the latest effects without compromising performance. In addition, support for the latest bus architecture—PCI Express—increases both graphics and overall system performance."

Here's more.

Creative Zen Micro (ParaKnowYa)
Sunday 10th of October 2004 07:42:21 PM

Gizmondo report that "... Creative has unveiled a new 5GB portable music player, the Zen Micro, with a vertically-oriented touchpad and a removable, rechargeable battery.", nice. Here's more from Gizmondo. And here's the big image from Gizmondo hosted here.

NX feature in detail (ParaKnowYa)
Sunday 10th of October 2004 02:59:11 PM have released a new article dealing with the NX Bit of the AMD64 CPUs. It's in German language but quite interesting, so if the language is no hold back for you make sure to click here.

Dee's Reg Script (ParaKnowYa)
Sunday 10th of October 2004 02:54:53 PM

Dee has released an updated game profiles batch file for the recently released PowerVR/ Kyro drivers.

Changes include:
  • Removal of profiles which now exsist in the drivers
  • Addition of NFS: Undergroud (using the demo profile settings)
Here's the download link, as it directly links to the batch file make sure you use right click and select "Save (Link) As ..." to download. Here's the link to Dee's little Kyro section (German language).

Neverwinter Nights patch (ParaKnowYa)
Friday 08th of October 2004 11:49:52 PM

Bioware have released a new patch v1.64 for Neverwinter Nights. Some of the changes include:
  • added the Bulette and Troglodyte to the game resources
  • added new skies to the game resources
  • fixed up some spells and feats
  • some exploit fixes
Here's more as well as the links to the different language patches.

Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Notebook (ParaKnowYa)
Friday 08th of October 2004 10:47:16 AM

Creative Labs have released a PCIMCIA version of their Audigy 2 hardware. The Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Notebook "... delivers features previously only available to PC users but now available to notebook users (even those that are highly mobile). This is achieved by combining ultra-high quality audio with advanced, hardware-accelerated features all in a tiny PCMCIA format card! For instance it delivers THX® certified 24-bit ADVANCED HD™ audio quality playback with incredible 104dB SNR, allowing the highest resolution audio playback with support for DVD-Audio at up to 24-bit/192kHz and Windows Media 9: 24-bit multi-channel audio format."

Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Notebook

Here's the product link.

SH3707: DC on a chip. (ParaKnowYa)
Thursday 07th of October 2004 08:56:04 PM

"Officials from Japan's Renesas, which assumed control over the development of the SH processor from ST Microelectronics on Sept. 28, announced the SH3707 embedded processor at the Fall Processor Forum here today. The SH3707 combines both an advanced SuperH core and a PowerVR graphics core, the components found in the original Dreamcast. ..."

From yesterday but still good news, so the new SH3707 is another processor to keep an eye on. Go MBX go! ^^

Here's more.

WoW keyboard (ParaKnowYa)
Thursday 07th of October 2004 03:55:20 PM

Zboard, the gamers keyboard of choice (when it comes to what the company says) will feature an Everquest II and a World of Warcraft keyset soon. Here's more information. Blizzard have a picture of the WoW set here.

CAETEC 2004 (ParaKnowYa)
Thursday 07th of October 2004 03:35:02 PM

Some of the latest home and entertainment hardware can be found on CAETEC in Japan. Surf over to Akihabara News to read/ look at their latest article covering the CAETEC 2004. Lot's of yummy things... here's the link (French language).

Drivers're mirrored (ParaKnowYa)
Wednesday 06th of October 2004 09:15:00 PM

The new drivers are up on our servers now. You can get them from the files section. :)

According to deferred Power and Pvr-Net it seems like the new drivers are mainly different to the previous release in that the gamestrg.reg was updated, that would mean no benefit from downloading the whole package but some users have reported problems with the new driver so have a look at them yourself to make sure you do not miss something here.

Besides the driver talk deferred Power's Loewe mentions that there might be a bios release soon as well so make sure you stay tuned. ;)

New generic PowerVR drivers (ParaKnowYa)
Wednesday 06th of October 2004 08:31:26 PM

ImgTec/ PowerVR have released new generic beta drivers for their Kyro hardware. V2.2 Beta 1 (Build for Windows based Oses can be obtained here and Linux files are available here. We'll have a mirror up soon (seems we're kind of late, sorry!).

Sharp 65V (ParaKnowYa)
Tuesday 05th of October 2004 06:19:13 PM

Sharp have announced their Aquos 65V, a flat screen TV which features 1920x1080 at a size of 1428x804mm (~ 56x32inch I think). Here's the link (Japanese language).

Found on Akihabara News.

15th of October & AMD (ParaKnowYa)
Tuesday 05th of October 2004 03:23:37 PM

Added to the news below The Inquirer mentions that AMD prepares a price drop "... on Athlon 64s on the 15th of October..."

That's good news, here's the link.

DDR 2 @ 800MHz by Christmas (ParaKnowYa)
Tuesday 05th of October 2004 03:19:45 PM

The Inquirer report that even though "... DDR 667 is still a very rare memory bird, aggressive memory company OCZ is preparing a speed bump with DDR 2 800 memory."

Here's more.

Dungeon Siege 2 interview (ParaKnowYa)
Tuesday 05th of October 2004 03:13:12 PM

For those eagerly waiting for DS2, there is an interview with lead designer Kevin Lambert on Here's the link.

"Kevin Lambert: I would summarize Dungeon Siege II as a party-based action role-playing game set in a dark fantasy world that features exciting combat, awesome loot, compelling characters, and a story that you can play either by yourself or with a group of friends or strangers."

Wow, now if only those compelling characters looked more appealing to me (judging from the screenshots available already). My current favourite concerning RPG game characters: Lineage 2, for two reasons, even though it is a MMORPG only, it features very nice character models (style, proportions (ahm, like leg length to overall body size, etc.) of playable as well as NPC/ monster chars) and very nice texturing (overall quality and again style of playable as well as NPC/ monster chars). Anyways, the looks of game characters don't stand for the whole beauty of a game and DS2's chars don't look that bad to me so there is no need to worry just something to dream of. ^^

Cowon iAudio (ParaKnowYa)
Tuesday 05th of October 2004 02:28:09 PM

New iAudio players will be released by Cowon soon. Click here for images and information.

The iAudio M5 (oh look, another M5) looks nifty but my personal favourite of the new series is the G3 ("... up to 50 Hour Runtime...", nice!). ;)

Found on

Possible PSP delay (ParaKnowYa)
Tuesday 05th of October 2004 02:08:00 PM reports that analysts foresee a possible delay of Sony's PSP.

"If this delay, McNealy notes, were entirely software-related, it might not affect the March launch in the US. But if there are indeed "hardware issues such as battery management," McNealy sees the US launch window slipping into June."

Here's the whole article.

OpenOffice 1.1.3 (ParaKnowYa)
Tuesday 05th of October 2004 01:44:59 PM

OpenOffice has reached v1.1.3.

" 1.1.3 is ready for download. It replaces 1.1.2, and includes numerous bug fixes but no new features."

Here's the link. Release notes can be viewed here.

New 7-Zip beta (ParaKnowYa)
Tuesday 05th of October 2004 01:38:49 PM

A new beta version of 7-Zip has been released.

Main changes are:
  • Bug in installer was fixed
  • Small fixes in 7-Zip GUI
You can download 7-Zip 4.08 beta here.

Subwoofer for your notebook (ParaKnowYa)
Monday 04th of October 2004 09:17:57 PM

Saitek have released a USB subwoofer which "... offers Notebook users the chance to appreciate ‘full and rich’ sound effects from multimedia applications such as digital music files, home cinema, games and presentations".

Looks good and requires just 2W. Here's the link.

Age of Empires 3 (ParaKnowYa)
Monday 04th of October 2004 08:53:58 PM

Voodoo Extreme have found out that AoE3 is on the upcoming titles from Microsoft list of a polish games distributor.

Here's more.

90nm power consumption (ParaKnowYa)
Monday 04th of October 2004 08:43:31 PM

The Tech Report are looking at the power consumption of AMD's 90nm CPUs. How does it compare to the 130nm models? How does it compare to Intels 90nm solution? You can find the answers here.

GammaChrome and PCIe (ParaKnowYa)
Monday 04th of October 2004 08:29:22 PM

S3's upcoming GammaChrome will feature native PCI Express support. According to information XBit Labs received from S3 Graphics the GammaChrome S18 is S3's "... first chip of a line of PCIe products, which all will be native PCI Express x16 products..."

Here's more.

GeForce 6800 Go (ParaKnowYa)
Monday 04th of October 2004 07:40:36 PM

According to XBit Labs, Eurocom will be offering a notebook with a yet unannounced mobile chip from Nvidia which seems to be the mobile version of the GeForce 6800 desktop hardware.

"Eurocom, a Canada-based notebook maker, earlier this week unveiled a desktop replacement laptop that uses Intel Pentium 4 processor along with NVIDIA’s GeForce 6800 Go graphics chip, an unannounced mobile graphics processing unit from NVIDIA Corp. ..."

Here's the whole post on XBit Labs. Here's the products spec page on Eurocom.

Doom 3 on PowerVR hardware... (ParaKnowYa)
Sunday 03rd of October 2004 09:04:45 PM

... and other hardware which has come to age. It works through a wrapper which can be found here on MoonJihad's. Quality is a different subject though but still, make sure you try it. ;)

Found this on the deferred Power forums, here.

Supercomputers (ParaKnowYa)
Sunday 03rd of October 2004 08:28:18 PM report that IBM's Blue Gene/L is now the fastest super computer. According to the article Blue Gene/L is 0.15 teraflops faster than NEC's Earth Simulator. Here's more.

3DMark 2005 hotfix (ParaKnowYa)
Saturday 02nd of October 2004 02:03:10 PM

A hotfix for Futuremark's 3DMark 2005 has been released. The file is 2.6MB in size and should be downloaded here to submit scores!

v1.1.0 changes:
  • A possible exploit to inflate results in 3DMark05 version 1.0.0 has been fixed
  • Updated Entech DLL
  • One incorrect unit in the MS Excel importer has been fixed
Grab it!

Detonators again (ParaKnowYa)
Saturday 02nd of October 2004 01:52:18 PM

It seems like the next official Nvidia Detonator drivers have leaked. Version 66.81 can be obtained from

Seems like these do work properly and score quite good but be warned, they're still not official! ;)

We have changed... (ParaKnowYa)
Saturday 02nd of October 2004 10:14:50 AM

... the order news are appearing back to the previous way. Latest news at the top. This has been done due to request. Not many have posted in the forums but of those who did the majority preferred this order. :)

Xbox 2 GPU roll out (ParaKnowYa)
Friday 01st of October 2004 11:51:26 PM

According to ATI will roll out the Xbox 2 GPU (R500) in the first quarter of next year. Here's more.

WHQLed 66.72 Detonators (ParaKnowYa)
Friday 01st of October 2004 11:48:30 PM have the latest WHQLed Detonators online. Get it with their modified INF to use it with an Nvidia powered notebook. Here's the link.

From their forums, here:
"So far word is that the performance is good, and the image quality may be slightly better than previous driver releases. Also worth note is that these also have support for two 'NV48' devices in the inf file. I have not had any reports of problems so far. But I have had reports that Pixel Shader 3.0 is working well and a few bugs in FarCry and Doom 3 seem to have been fixed."

It however seems like the driver is not working properly for everbody so be prepared. :)

Kult: Heretic Kingdoms demo (ParaKnowYa)
Friday 01st of October 2004 11:40:58 PM reports the demo release of 3D People's 3D RPG game Kult: Heretic Kingdoms.

You can grab it here.

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