Another regfix update (ParaKnowYa)
Sunday 26th of December 2004 08:18:19 PM

Dee's updated his regfix file again. Following applications were added:

"- Ring2 Demo added
- Obscure Demo added"

The file can be found on deferred Power or in our download section (files section). Kudos to Dee for keeping us updated. =)

Regfix update (ParaKnowYa)
Saturday 25th of December 2004 09:04:14 AM

Dee has updated his Kyro reg fix file.

"New update 24.12.04:
- Settlers 5 Demo added
- Richard Burns Rally 4 Demo added (game still won't work)"

Download should be online @ deferred Power soon.

Don't forget to keep an eye on Dee's regfix thread in our forums and, if you've found a reg setting for your favourite application let us know! TIA! :)

Update: You can now find the file in our download section.

OpenGL ES benchmark (ParaKnowYa)
Friday 17th of December 2004 06:35:07 PM

Kudos to David for letting me know about the following:

drgoldie has released a nice little OpenGL ES benchmark which can perfectly be used to benchmark those cute PDAs/ PPCs equipped with hardware 3D acceleration.

Here's to PocketMatrix' forums where the benchmark tool was posted.

Loox update (ParaKnowYa)
Friday 17th of December 2004 06:29:41 PM

Digit-Life's Maxim let us know (thanks! ;) that the previously mentioned 2700G and Loox information was part of the unreleased version of the Loox article. The official article has the corrected information. So the answer to our question is definitely no, no Intel 2700G with Loox 720.

Anarchy Online freecampaign (ParaKnowYa)
Thursday 16th of December 2004 08:51:18 PM

"Now you can experience Anarchy Online totally free of charge. You don't pay for the software. You don't pay any subscription. All we ask is that you register prior to January 15th. How about that for a Christmas present!"

More information is available here.

After my registration I received a mail containing the following information, this might influence your decision whether or not to join AO:
"No charges will be made unless you decide to start subscribing to any of the Anarchy Online expansion packs. The free trial is considered a purchase unless you cancel before the free period is over at 1/1 - 2006. If you do not cancel you will be billed in accordance with the recurring plan you select in the registration, if you have chosen to enter your credit card information."

Loox again (ParaKnowYa)
Thursday 16th of December 2004 08:40:59 PM

Today I received a reply from Fujitsu Siemens (thanks a lot Michael) concerning the Loox 720. According to that reply the Loox 720 is not equipped with an Intel 2700G chipset. So now I've contacted Maxim from Digit-Life to get more information on their Loox 720 article.

Knight of the Temple editing kit (ParaKnowYa)
Monday 13th of December 2004 02:43:07 PM

Starbreeze have released the editing kit 1.01 for their Knights of the Temple game. This kit is needed along the Ogier Editor to edit and/ create new maps/ levels for the game. 3DGamers have more information and the required files here. (No official information on the game's website though, funny...)

Forceware 71.20 (ParaKnowYa)
Monday 13th of December 2004 02:33:54 PM report the availability of Forceware 71.20 drivers as well as a comparison article which was released on TCMag.

Here's the driver posting and here's the article link to TCMag.

NVTweak can be found here, it reveals hidden driver features.

Loox 720 review (ParaKnowYa)
Sunday 12th of December 2004 08:01:58 PM

Lucky me, I found this in the PVR Gen Forums. Hawk posted a link to the Loox 720 review on along with a snippet of the review mentioning the Intel 2700G.

I contacted the Loox creators and hope to receive a confirmation soon (There is no information about the Intel 2700G in the tech specs on their site). As long as I'm waiting for that, it seems like the Loox 720 includes the Intel 2700G graphics chipset or that there will be two different Loox 720s one with and the other without the Intel 2700G.

Here's the link to the full article on

SoundStorm evolution (ParaKnowYa)
Friday 10th of December 2004 12:22:25 PM

The Tech Report recently mentioned that in a Nvidia Q&A session NVIDIA's CEO Jen-Hsun Huang announced a new SoundStorm solution: "We're gonna build SoundStorm 2. It's gonna be awesome."

Here's the link.

For more information on Nvidia' SoundStorm technology have a look here.

MXM as desktop solution (ParaKnowYa)
Friday 10th of December 2004 12:17:30 PM

According to Nvidia is working on developing a reference design to transform the MXM technology into a desktop solution.

"... depending on which GPU they pick it can give low heat and low profile, this could be an ideal Media Centre environment."

Here's more.

CHIPS and Systems Inc. (ParaKnowYa)
Friday 10th of December 2004 11:54:42 AM

A new Imagination Technologies' IP licensee, CHIPS and Systems Inc., was envisaged in a press release from ImgTec two days ago.

"Imagination Technologies Group plc ("Imagination Technologies") – a leader in System-on-Chip Intellectual Property ("SoC IP") – today announces that CHIPS and Systems Inc. (“CHIPS”) has licensed a range of PowerVR IP cores from Imagination Technologies for integrated circuits for the high-growth consumer multimedia market."

Have a look at the press release here. CHIPS and Systems Inc.'s site is available here.

Found on PVRGen

Thunderbird v1.0 released (ParaKnowYa)
Tuesday 07th of December 2004 08:43:53 PM

Mozilla have released Thunderbird v1.0. You can get your favourite mail client here.

Release notes can be viewed here.

Sony and Nvidia get together (ParaKnowYa)
Tuesday 07th of December 2004 08:35:38 PM

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. and NVIDIA announce joint GPU development for SCEI's next-generation computer entertainment system.

"TOKYO and SANTA CLARA, CA—DECEMBER 7, 2004—Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) and NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA) today announced that the companies have been collaborating on bringing advanced graphics technology and computer entertainment technology to SCEI’s highly anticipated next-generation computer entertainment system. Both companies are jointly developing a custom graphics processing unit (GPU) incorporating NVIDIA’s next-generation GeForce™ and SCEI’s system solutions for next-generation computer entertainment systems featuring the Cell* processor. ..."

Here's the official press release.

Windows Server 2003 SP1 (ParaKnowYa)
Tuesday 07th of December 2004 08:31:51 PM

According to Microsoft seem to have released SP1 for their Windows Server 2003 OS. Here's the link to their newsposting which includes the download links for the normal and the Itanium version.

Forceware 70.90... (ParaKnowYa)
Tuesday 07th of December 2004 08:21:03 PM

... drivers have leaked, this is a beta driver with no WHQL certification. You can grab your copy here, as well as's modified INF to allow installation on any Nvidia powered system including notebooks.

VIA VGA DM2 for Doom 3 (ParaKnowYa)
Monday 06th of December 2004 10:14:55 PM

b0rg from VIA Gamer's Arena has posted a new VIA map:

"It's my pleasure to report that my latest DOOM 3 creation is now complete and ready for human consumption. VIAVGA DM2 took quite a while to build, although I think the results have been worth my while. Unlike VIAVGA DM1, the layout and design of this map was built from the ground up to make strong use of DOOM 3 rendering optimization techniques (using vis portals more effectively), allowing for a higher level of lighting and geometric detail without any significant sacrifice on frame rates. It boasts a well lit and open free-flowing feel about it and is fairly simple to learn due to its symetrical layout."

Found on

Futuremark interview (ParaKnowYa)
Monday 06th of December 2004 10:09:44 PM have an interview up which they did with Nicklas Renqvist and Tero Sarkkinen. Here's the link.

Found on

Final Fantasy XI benchmark #3 (ParaKnowYa)
Friday 03rd of December 2004 05:51:15 PM reports the release of Square Enix' Final Fantasy XI official benchmark number 3. Even though it is called a benchmark, the download details state:

"Note: This special demo mode is a rolling demonstration and does not contain benchmark features."

The file's 77.8MB in size and surely worth a look if you do not play the game already, here's the link.

deferred Power server move (part 2) (ParaKnowYa)
Friday 03rd of December 2004 05:34:24 PM

Seems like the move took place and the initial domain is back working. :)

Kyro reg settings file (ParaKnowYa)
Thursday 02nd of December 2004 07:01:12 PM

We've been a bit slow with this one but then again we did not notice it earlier and Dee doesn't seem to like our forums so there was no way to get this posted earlier, sorry.

Anyway, back to the important stuff - Dee has updated his game reg settings file once again and added support for the following titles:
  • Axis & Allies Demo
  • Crazy Machines 2 Demo
  • Larry 8 - Magna cum laude (only for WinME)
  • Need for Speed Underground 2 Demo (textures still missing)
  • Rollercoaster Tycoon 3
You can get the file here or here.

deferred Power server move (ParaKnowYa)
Wednesday 01st of December 2004 11:37:22 PM

Due to a server move deferred Power can only be reached via currently. Once the move is complete and domains are redirected .de should work again.

ATI graphics demos (ParaKnowYa)
Wednesday 01st of December 2004 11:20:39 PM

ATI have released two new demos to show off the power of the RX850 chip. Here's the link.

Ruby: Dangerous Curves
"Dangerous Curves" continues the adventures of ATI’s heroine, Ruby. During this 45 second sequence, Ruby has to avoid Optico’s automated drones intent on her demise. A high speed motorcycle chase ensues through a gritty tunnel, punctuated by yet another explosive conclusion.

Dangerous Curves continues ATI's tradition of blending movie and gaming genres to create a compelling demo. The use of real-time motion-blur, glows and precomputed radiance transfer (PRT) technology delivers realistic lighting and is a compelling demonstration of the cinematic experience that is possible on today’s 3D graphics hardware.

Flow: Fluid Flow Screensaver
This screensaver demonstrates the use of the ATI’s graphics technology as a general purpose computation platform. The complex mathematical operations required to simulate fluid flow are all computed in real-time on the VPU using DirectX 9.0 pixel shaders.

Besides those two tech demos ATI and Crytek have released "The Project", an attempt at creating a realtime CGI movie. Here's the link.

BetaPlayer v0.094 (ParaKnowYa)
Wednesday 01st of December 2004 02:16:11 PM

BetaPlayer (PPC movie player) v0.094 has been released and can be obtained here.

Most important difference is an improvement in reduced screen tearing.

For I2700G hw acceleration you also need to download the newest plugin available at the same location in the plug-ins folder.

Falanx Symbian Platinum Program (ParaKnowYa)
Wednesday 01st of December 2004 11:48:22 AM

Falanx "... announced today that it has joined the Symbian Platinum Program to support the growing market for smartphones based on Symbian OS™. As a Platinum Partner, Falanx is extending its Mali™ 2D, 3D and video core IP solution to the Symbian OS ecosystem."

Press release is available here.

Note: We've got a Falanx Mali discussion running in the forums, here.

DHTML Lemmings (ParaKnowYa)
Wednesday 01st of December 2004 10:01:56 AM

Lemmings for all those connected and equipped with a compatible browser. Here's the link. Its the classic Lemmings from Psygnosis (retrospective here) which to me was and still is a brilliant game.

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