Spherebench (ParaKnowYa)
Friday 22nd of April 2005 01:03:12 PM

Loewe has released the second demo for the MBX Lite powered Axim X50v. Here's more about the Spherebench demo.

It's not a bug, it's a feature (ParaKnowYa)
Saturday 16th of April 2005 05:14:12 PM

Some people have been reporting problems with the series 76.xx Detonators and video overlay. The videos are not rendered/ shown. I'm not 100% sure but it seems to be the result of a new feature called VMR which allows stretching video overlays over all screens (i.e. 2 monitors) not only the first/ main display. Once VMR is enabled you should be able watch videos again. I'm currently using the 76.50 drivers and everything is fine with this option enabled.

Guild Wars BWE/Release (Ingenu)
Friday 15th of April 2005 07:34:02 PM

Guild Wars, a Massively Multiplayer Game, combining RPG, strategy and action into a fast paced game, will be release WORLDWIDE on April 28th 2005. A standard and Collector editions will be available, details here. The last Beta Week-end Event (BWE) as already started, and will last until sunday night. Guild Wars have NO monthly fee, meaning that you just need to buy the game to be able to play it ! Preview @IGN.

Intrinsyc CerfPod 270M (ParaKnowYa)
Wednesday 13th of April 2005 08:06:07 PM

A new device featuring Intrinsyc Software’s 2nd generation Intel® PXA270, 2700G Multimedia Accelerator reference design and it's dev kit are available here.

Link found on PVRGen.

PowerVR Racer demo video (ParaKnowYa)
Friday 08th of April 2005 02:04:25 PM

A small video (~10MB) which gives an impression of MBX's performance and display quality is available here showing the PowerVR Racer graphics demo, the graphics demo itself as you know is used for MBX presentation purposes.

CTIA MBX photos (ParaKnowYa)
Friday 08th of April 2005 12:17:14 PM

Kristof (PowerVR) has taken some pictures on this years CTIA. Thanks go to David for the informatio! ^^ Take a look at booths and MBX hardware from Intel, Renesas and TI here.

Axim X50v MBX SDK demo (ParaKnowYa)
Friday 08th of April 2005 11:39:41 AM

Loewe of deferred Power has written a small graphics demo for the Axim X50v. There will be more following with source code attached to create a kind of tutorial series. The link is not yet working for me but keep an eye on it here.

Reg script update (ParaKnowYa)
Thursday 07th of April 2005 01:53:07 AM

Dee has updated his Kyro reg script Here's the forum thread.

- changed the Updater (exe-File !;)
- added all game names for Kyro Control Panel
- added some entries for Kyro Control Panel (child/parent association)

Kyro control panel (ParaKnowYa)
Saturday 02nd of April 2005 11:48:23 PM

Dee has released his very own Kyro control panel which allows editing "all (! ) games that are stored in the registry" (in the driver's profiles section).

More information, links and a nice screenshot are available here. Kudos to Dee for the information! ^^

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